a suggestion for improving pkinit preauth plugin token choosing

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> I agree that what you propose is an improvement over the current
> algorithm.
> I'm uncomfortable with two things.
> 1) No way at all to deal with tokens that require login.  I wouldn't
> mind if this needed to be explicitly enabled.  I think what the
> discussions so far have suggested is that we know of no smart cards
> falling into this category especially because they will not work with
> the MS model, but we do know of non-smart-card PKCS11 devices falling
> into this category.
> 2) Prompting user to insert smart card if none are found.
> I think I'm in the rough on #2.
> Neither of these are blocking issues.

In both cases, I have to ask if they should be handled by a PKINIT plugin at all.

In order to do PKINIT, there are some prerequisites:  You need to have the PKI credentials available (and selected/identified), and unlocked.  I'm personally OK with requiring pre-unlock access to the information needed to identify the credentials you want to use, but if I'm being PIV-card provincial feel free to speak up.

I think prompting (via supplied prompter function) to unlock use of the secret key is in scope for a pre-auth plugin.  It had better be possible for that function to bridge between a PAM conversation and supplying a PIN to pkcs11.

I also think that things like "pretty please insert your card" are outside the scope of what a pre-auth plugin ought to be responsible for.  A pre-auth plugin should just return an error indicating "no cred's", or "multiple (ambiguous) creds".

I think user context-setup interactions (like "pretty please insert your card") are a higher-level issue, and the responsibility of pam_krb5, or maybe even the application calling PAM.  If it's a command line, then it prints the appropriate error, and the user can insert the card and do it over.  (Actually, I think I've argued for do-over in the PAM case as well, haven't I?)
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