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Will Fiveash will.fiveash at
Wed Mar 17 14:41:37 EDT 2010

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 01:02:50PM -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
> >>>>> "Will" == Will Fiveash <will.fiveash at> writes:
>     Will> I'm looking at modifying the pkinit preauth plugin to prompt
>     Will> the user to insert their token and press Enter if the code
>     Will> doesn't find a token.  While making this mod I came across
>     Will> these defines in krb5.h:
>     Will> /* * Prompter enhancements */
>     Will> #define KRB5_PROMPT_TYPE_PASSWORD 0x1 #define
>     Will> KRB5_PROMPT_TYPE_NEW_PASSWORD 0x2 #define
>     Will> My question; what is the proper prompt type for the prompt I'm
>     Will> creating (a reminder prompt that isn't asking for a PIN or
>     Will> password)?
> preauth.

What is the intention of the KRB5_PROMPT_TYPE_PREAUTH define and how
does that differ from the KRB5_PROMPT_TYPE_PASSWORD?  I ask because I
was under the impression the KRB5_PROMPT_TYPE_PREAUTH type is currently
being used for a prompt requesting a PIN.  Is it to be used for all
preauth related prompts including the prompt I'm adding which request
the user insert their smart card?  If that is the case then I'm confused
as to when KRB5_PROMPT_TYPE_PASSWORD should be set.

Will Fiveash
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