New Python test framework

Ezra Peisach epeisach at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 4 22:01:05 EST 2010

Initial testing reveals the following:

a) It would be nice if success() took an argument that could be 
displayed to indicate what the tests were testing... fail() does - and 
displays the message... might mean something to you now - 
but five years from now?
b) Failure of a test does not stop the test suite... This might be the 
design in which you run all the tests in a directory... If that is the 
case, perhaps the for loop under check-python-tests-yes could check the 
exit status of a test, but continue running the tests. If at the end - 
then exit w/ a non-zero exit status... At least that way if someone does 
make check - if something fails they will see it - yet allow for many 
tests to take place...


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