Using IPV6 addresses in krb5.conf - kerberos v1.8

Mark Dieter mdieter at
Tue Mar 2 09:40:49 EST 2010

I have a small modification that seems to allow IPV6 addresses to work. I am not familiar with how I should request or submit changes, so I have just attached the source to this email. (In my current position it may be best that I submit it in this way anyhow ;) If it meets with your approval, please incorporate it into the kerberos library. I ask that you let me know via email if it makes the cut.

The attached file is lib/krb5/os/locate_kdc.c. The file is based on the 1.8 alpha1 release. The changes are relatively minor and are bounded by #ifdef IPV6_MODIFICATIONS.

Thank you,

I don't know what works today.  I agree with you that [ipv6addr]:port is the ipv6 literal syntax we probably want to support.



I need to support IPV6 addresses with port number in the krb5.conf file. The form would be something like: “kdc = [1234:5678::6789]:88”

I am working with the Kerberos 1.8 alpha release. It does not appear to like this form of IPV6 addressing. IPV4 does work nicely.

Should IPV6 addresses in the form [1234:5678::6789]:88 work in krb5.conf ? Am I doing something wrong ?


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