renaming cvs-krb5 and krb5-bugs mailing lists

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 28 23:30:28 EDT 2010

[BCCed to cvs-krb5 and krb5-bugs]

As part of a plan to adjust our Mailman mailing lists for simplifying
certain MIT-specific Mailman maintenance, we will rename the currently
inaccurately-named "cvs-krb5" list to "krb5-commits" (a more
VCS-agnostic name).  Also, for various technical reasons, we will also
rename the distribution list for the krb5 bug database from
"krb5-bugs" to "krb5-bugs-dist".  (Incoming bug _submissions_ would
continue to be accepted at krb5-bugs at  Please let me know if
these changes will cause significant problems.

We will announce the changes shortly before their implementation.

Tom Yu
Development Team Leader
MIT Kerberos Consortium

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