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On May 28,  5:30pm, Phil Ehrens wrote:
} Subject: Re: SWIG

> feel obliged to explain, because it's not something that
> we need necessarily agree about!
> > > If someone could provide me with pseudocode or a C
> > > function that contains all the krb5 calls required
> > > to do a "get_query" call and clean up afterwards,
> > > I think I would be able to do the rest. I'm just
> > > having a hard time picking out the required call
> > > sequence.
> > 
> > You could look at what the kadmin client does.  It's basically:
> > 
> >   kadm5_init_krb5_context
> >   kadm5_init_with_password (or similar, as appropriate)
> >   kadm5_get_principal
> >   kadm5_destroy
> >   krb5_free_context
> That is exactly what I wanted! Thank you for the help!

I unsnarled all this some time ago when I wrote a C based program to
do password changes via the administrative interface.  I can forward
you the source code which contains all the boilerplate.

The big problem as I'm sure you have already encountered is sorting
out all the include files and the like you need to access the kadm*
interfaces.  I did that as well and can forward you a tar file with
the whole setup, although the version of MIT Kerberos I was working
against is now quite dated.

If all the administrative interfaces are now exposed the problem may
be a bit simpler in which case the boilerplate could should be about
all you need.

> Phil
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Let me know your druthers.

Have a good week.

}-- End of excerpt from Phil Ehrens

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