An additional complication with the kadm5 sonames

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Jan 15 16:52:16 EST 2010

Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at> writes:
> On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 01:13:25PM -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:

>> Oh, good point, I forgot about that.  libtool can even use different
>> SONAME versions on different platforms, since the requirements of
>> different platforms around SONAME changes vary.

> This is one shocking failure of libtool.  SONAMEs and version numbers
> are important aspects of ABI definitions in dynamic run-time
> environments.  Therefore developer control of them is as important as
> developer control of the symbol names they use.  Nor can libtool
> possibly detect when it's appropriate to change version numbers, since
> the matter of whether and when you're making a release is relevant to
> that, as is the past (information about past releases).

Well, you do tell libtool all that information.  You just give it to
libtool in a form other than the SONAME version, and it constructs the
SONAME version from that.

I've never been horribly happy about this myself either, but then I only
target ELF platforms and I don't really know very much about what non-ELF
problems Libtool is trying to deal with here.

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