[Gábor Gombás] Bug#564566: libkadm5clnt7: SONAME conflict with Heimdal

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 11 16:11:33 EST 2010

>>>>> "Zhanna" == Zhanna Tsitkova <tsitkova at MIT.EDU> writes:

    Zhanna> Can you install these libraries in the different locations
    Zhanna> and use the environment variable to point to the desired
    Zhanna> implementation? For example, in /usr/lib/mit ?

I can install the development headers and th. development stub .so
symlinks in /usr/lib/mit and /usr/include/mit.

I cannot do that for the runtime shared libraries.

This would be technically undesirable because it would make all end
users need to configure their environment, which poses a usability
challenge.  Also, it is not needed: a program will be built against only
one library.  If you build against Heimdal libkadm5clnt, you cannot run
against the MIT library without rebuilding from source..

Debian policy forbids the proposal you propose basically because people
writing Debian policy had a lot of familiarity with systems that work
that way and the resulting usability problems.

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