[Gábor Gombás] Bug#564566: libkadm5clnt7: SONAME conflict with Heimdal

Sam Hartman hartmans at debian.org
Mon Jan 11 11:40:38 EST 2010

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Hudson <ghudson at MIT.EDU> writes:

    Greg> I am tempted to bump our soname version from 7 to 8 as an
    Greg> immediate fix.  I don't know whether it's important to stick
    Greg> to numbers or not.

My preference would be for one change to be made during the 1.8 cycle.
I couldn't take advantage of any change earlier than the end of this
week and would prefer that a change be made within two weeks.

The reason I'd prefer one change is that when the soname changes I'll
have to change package names and involve the archive maintinance team in
approving the new packages.


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