(for Mac OS X) source or distribution?

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Me too.

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> Subject: (for Mac OS X) source or distribution?
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> Hello Kerberos developers,
> Is the source or a binary version of the application that
> shipped with Mac OS X versions < 10.6 available? It's "about box"
> suggests that it's provided by the MIT Kerberos Dev Team, which is why
> I'm sending mail to this list. I've already done a cursory search of
> the krb5 repository without finding much of anything promising.
> I am inquiring because I prefer the feature set of over
> Mac OS X 10.6's Ticket, and would like to be able to build
> or obtain a copy for use under 10.6 without copying it from a machine
> running 10.5, if at all possible.
> Thanks for your help. Also, If this isn't the right point of contact,
> I would appreciate any suggestions about where to look next.
> --Steve Woodrow

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