inviting "lopbot" to log #krbdev IRC channel

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 3 13:48:42 EST 2010

I have not heard much feedback on specific preferences for how to
implement logging for the #krbdev IRC channel.  Some developers have
said that they would like logging to occur, and there were no
objections to the idea, so I plan to implement some form of logging
for the #krbdev channel in the near future.

Given that there is already a logging bot (named "lopbot") that logs
the #kerberos and #openafs channels, among others, I plan to ask its
maintainers to have it join the #krbdev channel to log it.  The bot
has other capabilities, but we can probably disable those if they
become problematic.  There is a lopbot command summary at

if you are curious.

Please let me know by Friday if you have objections to this plan.

Once logging is active, please remember that logging of ephemeral
media is imperfect, and don't rely on what you say on the channel to
be persistent.  If the content of a conversation needs to be
persistent, consider summarizing it to the krbdev mailing list, or to
the wiki.  It should go without saying that even when logging is not
occurring, IRC is a public medium, so please use appropriate
discretion when sending to it.

Tom Yu
Development Team Leader
MIT Kerberos Consortium

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