Profile include support, round 2

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Tue Aug 24 11:45:18 EDT 2010

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 08:18:07AM -0400, ghudson at MIT.EDU wrote:
> Glob support is gone, replaced by "include FILENAME" and "includedir
> DIRNAME".  (I saw that remctl has a single directive which works for
> both files and directories; I decided that asking the admin to be a
> little more explicit was warranted.)
> Error handling is strict about files existing and being readable.


> Following remctl's lead, includedir only parses files with names
> containing alphanumeric characters and underscores.

In any particular order?

> The "Open Issues" section is replaced with a "Rationale" section
> briefly summarizing the discussion of open issues.
> Feedback is still welcome up until Friday.  Thanks for the feedback
> received so far.

Looks good to me.


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