Fw: Kerberos MIT on Solaris

Douglas E. Engert deengert at anl.gov
Tue Aug 24 09:48:05 EDT 2010

On 8/23/2010 7:17 PM, Will Fiveash wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 03:46:31PM -0500, Will Fiveash wrote:
>> On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 01:41:22PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
>>> Will Fiveash<will.fiveash at oracle.com>  writes:
>>>> Well, libkrb5 is supported in Solaris 10, however (as noted),
>>>> Solaris libgss != MITKC libgssapi_krb5
>>>> in regards to interfaces.  Really though, the point of libgss is to
>>>> insulate a caller from the specifics of security mech used.  If the
>>>> caller needs to do krb specific things then it should link with libkrb5.
>>> Assuming that your API split between libkrb5 and the GSSAPI interface is
>>> similar to that in MIT, I don't believe there's any function in libkrb5
>>> that is a substitute for gss_krb5_ccache_name.  But maybe on Solaris you
>>> moved that function to libkrb5?
>> It isn't supported in Solaris yet.

It may not have been supported, because Solaris does not use the concept of
session based ticket caches, but instead tries to use the uid based cache
in all cases. (Thus why would you ever need a gss_krb5_cache_name?)
This is the same issue over  which I have argued with Nico for years, with
sshd and login insisting on using /tmp/krb5cc_<uid> where as on other
vendor's login and sshd will allow the use of multiple caches for the
same uid.  That is why I had to write a pam_krb5_cache to trick sshd
into using a session based cache. login/gdm are still stuck with using
the default.

> I'll expand on this a bit more.  Solaris libgss presents a security
> mechanism neutral API whereas libgssapi_krb5 does not as evidenced by
> the function name gss_krb5_ccache_name.  While I can understand why such a
> function exists, it still violates the basic point of the GSS-API.

Or it points out the lack of functionality in the GSS-API. The gss_store_cred
was a step in direction  of generic, but still did not allow the application
to direct under what name the credentials would be stored.

> Maybe Solaris needs a libgssapi_krb5 that provides such functions but I
> wouldn't want to see them in libgss.


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