Profile include support

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Mon Aug 23 18:39:34 EDT 2010

On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 03:29:57PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Ken Raeburn <raeburn at MIT.EDU> writes:
> > Russ is right, this should be fixed, whether as part of this project or
> > separately.  But if krb5_init_context can fail because of a profile
> > library error, it becomes difficult to pass the error back to the
> > application, even with profile library API changes.  If we can go
> > config-file-free (I forget, did that ever get fully implemented?), then
> > certainly the krb5_context can hold the profile library error info.
> It's incredibly ugly, I know, but if krb5_get_error_message(NULL, code)
> returned an appropriate error message after krb5_init_context failed, my
> existing code at least would happily retrieve it and report that error.
> You'd have to do something nasty with library globals in order to
> implement that, though.

Thread-specific data, not globals, but, yes.

But also, since libkrb5 supports zero-conf operation... returning an
error for EACCES while reading any but the default config file seems a
bit aggressive (particularly given the reason that EACCES now does not
result in an error).

Or maybe a krb5_get_profile_files(krb5_context context /* NULL OK */,
char **actual_files, char **missing_files, char **access_denied_files,
char **permission_denied_files).

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