Profile include support

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Aug 23 18:20:42 EDT 2010

Greg Hudson <ghudson at MIT.EDU> writes:

> After looking at the profile code a bit, I think that's about a 3x
> expansion in scope.  The least invasive approach would be to create a
> new variant of profile_init() which takes a struct errinfo * argument,
> and then to revise a bunch of internal APIs so that it can be used by
> the bottom-level code which does the actual parsing.

> I'm still pondering whether I think my schedule can accomodate that
> amount of scope creep.

Ugh.  :/

> I think that would be fine, and I hadn't considered it; I had assumed
> globbing support was the only good way to avoid including .rpmsave and ~
> files.

> That approach is probably more code than using glob() (though, of
> course, much less code than implementing glob() on any hypothetical
> platforms which don't have it).  It does have the virtue of simplifying
> the error cases.

Feel free to look at and/or copy things from server/config.c in the remctl
distribution [1] for how I handle this for one project.  It's all fairly
obvious, but that will show you what enforcement I do on valid characters.

    The last released version has some minor deficiencies in error

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