Windows future

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Thu Aug 12 08:54:13 EDT 2010

>>>>> "Derrick" == Derrick Brashear <shadow at> writes:

    >> Although there are many institutions for whom KfW and NIM are
    >> very important, no one thus far has stepped forward, either as an
    >> organization or as an individual, and said that they feel
    >> strongly enough about either to enable the work required to
    >> continue to make this a viable platform.
    Derrick> The releases available at
    Derrick> (and, notably, not
    Derrick> from MIT) suggest otherwise. Do you have additional details
    Derrick> you can share which suggest otherwise?

Certainly A lot of people find KFW 3.2.2 useful.  I think the
interesting question is whether anyone is willing to put money or their
own time behind updating KFW to a more recent version of the core
Kerberos libraries.

I think there's an assumption in my mind and probably the mind of a lot
of people here that without updates to the core libraries that code base
will eventually bit-rot.


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