Kerberos for Windows (kfw) and GSS-API in native 64 bit

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 30 16:00:41 EDT 2009

Julien Montmartin <jmontmartin at> writes:

> Hi List,
> I'm working on an application server which will run on various flavour of
> Windows and Unix OS, and need to support Integrated Windows Authentication
> (IWA) to do SSO with Windows domain clients.
> I've written some code that works on Linux, using GSS-API. Now I'm porting
> this code on the Windows plateform. My first attempt was to get 'Kerberos
> for Windows' kfw-3.2.2 sdk, and compile/link with it. It works well... in 32
> bit mode !
> That's where I need some help : my implementation must support linking in
> native 64 bit. Dealing with 64 bit support, the kfw-3.2.2 release notes say
> :
> "Kerberos for Windows 3.2 is designed for 32-bit versions of Windows 2000,
> XP, 2003, 2003 R2, Vista and WOW64 environments.  Native 64-bit Windows XP,
> 2003, and Vista applications are not being distributed as part of this
> release."
> As expected, WOW64 doesn't do the job for me, I really need native 64 bit.
> - Are there any known issues with kfw in native 64 bit mode (which would
> explain why it's not officially supported) ? Are there any plans to support
> it in the near future ?

There is an alpha release of kfw-3.2.3 that supports amd64.  Please
try it and let us know if it suits your needs:

> - Did any one manage to get it works in 64 bit by recompiling the sources ?
> - Are there other solutions to get GSS-API on windows 64 bit plateform ? And
> if not, any pointer to help me to port my GSS-API code to Microsoft SSPI ?
> Thanks,
> Julien
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