(including k5wiki and blog) migration 09/16

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 14 21:37:09 EDT 2009

At some point on 2009-09-16, I plan to migrate, including
k5wiki and the blog, to a new server host.  The web server will be
down while I create a snapshot and migrate it to the new host.  If you
happen to be editing the wiki on Wednesday, please take care to make a
local save of wiki changes that you might need a lot of effort to
recreate.  While there should be no data loss, I am uncertain of
whether you will lose your edits if you submit a wiki change while the
web server is down; this may depend on your web browser.  The duration
of the web server outage should be less than 30 minutes.

This new host is a virtual machine on a VMware ESX infrastructure
supported and managed by MIT's IS&T operations staff, as opposed to
the existing host, which is a self-supported virtual machine on a Xen
hypervisor originally intended for testing purposes.  We will shut
down this hypervisor at some point in the future and replace it with
some sort of VMware hypervisor.  I will coordinate DNS changes and TCP
forwarders to minimize the disruption of the web server

If you care to test the new host prior to the migration, it is in the subdomain (,,  Any changes you
make here will not persist beyond the migration, as the migration
procedure will overwrite them.  Some functionality may not work
correctly on the test subdomain due to domain name discrepancies.

Please let me know if you have concerns with or encounter problems
with the migration.  At some point in the future, a similar migration
will occur for, which is also a self-supported virtual
machine on the Xen hypervisor.

Tom Yu
Development Team Leader
MIT Kerberos Consortium

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