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Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 11 09:07:38 EDT 2009

"Xu, Qiang (FXSGSC)" <Qiang.Xu at fujixerox.com> writes:

> Hi, 
> Just want to know whether there is place report any bug for MIT Kerberos distribution? From http://web.mit.edu/Kerberos/, I can't find a place to report bugs.

Generally, bug reports go to krb5-bugs at mit.edu, which is the input to
our Request Tracker bug database.  We prefer that potential security
issues be reported to krbcore-security at mit.edu by PGP-encrypted

http://krbdev.mit.edu/rt/ is the web interface to our bug tracking
system, but it is read-only to the general public for spam prevention

http://web.mit.edu/kerberos/contact.html lists our contact

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