export list symbols

Simon Wilkinson simon at sxw.org.uk
Tue Oct 20 13:39:53 EDT 2009

> Think of TELNET and AFS, which, I know are not exactly good examples
> here (in large part because they pre-date RFC3961), but they are good
> examples of apps which, if they really had to avoid KRB-SAFE/PRIV or  
> the
> GSS-API (e.g., because of per-token/message overhead), then really
> should have used _a_ cryptographic protocol framework, of which  
> RFC3961
> is a reasonable example.
> IMO Kerberos implementors SHOULD export RFC3961 interfaces.

Just as a data point, the AFS community is currently considering a new  
security layer, rxgk, which makes use of RFC3961 for all of its bulk  
crypto needs. The more 3961 implementations available to choose  
between, the better!



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