Error calling function protocol status: 1312

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Fri Oct 16 10:53:12 EDT 2009

Santiago Rivas wrote:
> Ok, here is what I've done:
> I changed the JAAS config file, setting "useTicketCache=<somePath>". That
> was enough to make de 1312 status error dissappear. But I'm still not able
> to configure the ticket caching properly.
> I forgot to mention that I have had already tried to set some file path
> under
> NIM: Options->Kerberos v5->Credential Cache ... with no results.

This instructs NIM to monitor that FILE based credential cache for
credentials that are obtained outside of NIM.  For example, by a kinit
or Java.

> I typed the path "C:\Documents and Settings\user\krb5cc_1000" into the text
> box and clicked the "Add" button, but it said something like "the
> credentials cache file was not found". 

That could be a bug if it is anything other than a warning.  If you are
prevented from adding the path to the list of credential caches, it is
a bug.

> If I only set the path to some folder
> (with no file name) there is no error message, but when I generate new
> tickets no file is created. I've reset the machine and verified that the
> user has privileges to access the path I'm typing son I don't known where
> I'm mistaking... ¿?

You need to update the Identity object to use a FILE: ccache.  Did you
do that?  If not when you obtain a new credential it goes into the API:
ccache which is the default.

Jeffrey Altman

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