Kerberos for Windows (kfw) and GSS-API in native 64 bit

Julien Montmartin jmontmartin at
Mon Oct 5 03:58:18 EDT 2009

>2009/9/30 Tom Yu <tlyu at>
>>Julien Montmartin <jmontmartin at> writes:
>> That's where I need some help : my implementation must support linking in
>> native 64 bit. Dealing with 64 bit support, the kfw-3.2.2 release notes
>There is an alpha release of kfw-3.2.3 that supports amd64.  Please
>try it and let us know if it suits your needs:
Although I spent some time on the MIT/Kerberos website and docs, I totally
missed it ! It solves my compiling/linking problems. Thanks a lot !

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