MIT Kerberos - FIPS Validation

Paul Moore paul.moore at
Fri Nov 20 13:32:06 EST 2009

there are no details there regarding what plans you have for FIPS

Can you please state

- exactly what bits you will have certified (if any) (specific
libraries, entire client side package, kdc, entire server side package,
- what changes will be made to those bits in order to be compliant

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It is work in progress.  Please, see Crypto Modularity proj @ 

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Just wondering, has there been any work to make a FIPS-validated MIT
Kerberos client implementation?

I'm guessing that there is some built-in crypto in MIT Kerberos, or do
I have that wrong?  If the crypto is not built-into MIT Kerberos
client, is it implemented by OpenSSL or some other cryptography

Thomas Harning Jr.
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