Memory leaks in Kerberos 5 1.6.4-beta1 and 1.7

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 9 12:19:47 EST 2009

On Nov 9, 2009, at 05:09, Dan Searle wrote:
> The version of libc6 is the latest available package in Ubuntu  
> Hardy, i.e. 2.7-10ubuntu5. Is this a libc bug or an MIT bug?

There's a workaround in the 1.7 release code for an old getaddrinfo  
bug in glibc; the workaround introduces a memory leak.  Greg put a fix  
in back in August to disable the workaround if the glibc version is  
2.4 or later, since the bug was fixed in 2.3.4.  See 
  and some of the comments in src/util/support/fake-addrinfo.c for  
details.  I don't think it's been added to the 1.7 branch yet, so it  
wouldn't have been in the snapshot you got.

You can get a link to the patch from the RT page, or you can try a  
snapshot from the main development trunk ("krb5-current"), if you like.


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