Application unbundling, part 2

ghudson@MIT.EDU ghudson at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 2 15:29:00 EST 2009

Back in July, I did most of the groundwork of unbundling the
applications into a separate repository.  There is still a little work
left to do to make the separation clean and ensure that the build
system is portable, but it's basically there.

The other half of the job is removing the applications from the krb5
tree in preparation for the 1.8 release.  I delayed this step
intentionally for easier preparation of 1.7.x patch releases, but
we're close enough to the 1.8 branch date that I will probably do it
soon.  So, expect to see in the not too distant future:

  * Removal of appl/bsd, appl/gssftp, appl/libpty, appl/telnet.
  * Removal of the dejagnu tests for applications.
  * Editing of the install and admin docs to remove references to the

There will be a lot of opportunity for build system simplification
after this work is done.  In particular, this will get us down to a
single configure script, which means there theoretically won't be any
need for a separate aclocal.m4.  I don't guarantee that I will put in
the time to simplify things down the bare minimum, but I'll do some.

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