r21880: pkinit and k5-int.h

Greg Hudson ghudson at MIT.EDU
Sat Mar 21 00:35:46 EDT 2009

On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 16:47 -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
> One of the goals of the pkinit plugin was to try and minimize internal
> dependencies and to use public interfaces where possible.  We made an
> explicit decision that there was no good way to get pkinit ASN.1
> encoders and decoders using public interfaces, so k5-int-pkinit.h was
> created.

No argument with your proposed change, but:

pkinit_profile.c also uses k5-int.h and references context->profile.  I
assume it should be using krb5_get_profile?

pkinit_accessor.c needs k5-int.h to get at the accessor structure for
the aforementioned encoders; k5-int-pkinit.h is not sufficient.

(The inclusion of k5-int.h in pkinit_profile.c and pkinit_accessor.c was
what gave me the impression it would be okay to fix r21879 by including
k5-int.h in other source files in that directory.)

Is it okay use k5-platform.h in preauth plugins, under the theory that
any plugin will have to deal with portability concerns in some fashion,
and k5-platform is merely how we do so in our tree?  (I have no specific
use in mind at this time, but one might arise in the future.)

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