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> Subject: Re: Enctype configuration
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>>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Hudson <ghudson at MIT.EDU> writes:
>    Greg> 2. As noted in RFC 4120, "it is not possible to generate a
>    Greg> user's key reliably given a pass phrase without contacting
>    Greg> the KDC, since it will not be known whether alternate salt
>    Greg> or parameter values are required."  However, you can guess
>    Greg> that the salt is the mangled principal, and our ktutil
>    Greg> addent -password command does exactly that.  That guess is
>    Greg> wrong if the admin used any non-NORMAL salt type when
>    Greg> creating the principal, or the principal has been renamed
>    Greg> (you can't rename a NORMAL-salted principal right now, but
>    Greg> you could if we processed the patch in RT #6323)... but in
>    Greg> the usual case, the guess is right.  That would cease to be
>    Greg> true if we switched to explicit random salts.
>    Greg> It should be possible to modify ktutil to contact the KDC,
>    Greg> assuming that salt information is present in
>    Greg> PREAUTH_REQUIRED errors, which seems to be true according to
>    Greg> a scan of the RFC.
> Thanks for bringing this up.  Unfortunately there are some interop
> cases where random salt will be a problem.  One is creating
> cross-realm passwords.  Another is creating machine and service
> accounts for Windows.  For this reason, I think it is important to
> retain the ability to support normal salt for a principal.
> I don't think that needs to be coupled to supported_enctypes in the
> config file.
> One possibility is to only support it with the -e option of cpw in
> kadmin.  Another is to have a principal flag.

I have occasionally recommended implementing a keytab import  
capability for this purpose.

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