Proper use of krb5_rd_priv ?

John W. M. Stevens john at
Sat Jul 25 10:28:56 EDT 2009


I've been working on a MIT Kerberos based Kerberized messaging library.
Authentication was added first, now I'm working on adding message

I've used the krb5_mk_priv and krb5_rd_priv functions, but on the
receiving end, where I attempt to use krb5_rd_priv to decrypt the
message, I get:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xb7c13ed2 in krb5_address_compare () from /usr/lib/

This suggests some kind of uninitialized field in the stored addresses,
but I am using the krb5_auth_con_setports, krb5_auth_con_setaddrs
functions to set the local address into the authorization context, as
per a Hemidahl source code example (plus some replay cache setup).

Is there a code example specific to MIT Kerberos that shows proper setup
for and use of the read private function, or can somebody suggest why
the address comparison routine seems to be looking for data I might not
have initialized?

John W. M. Stevens <john at>
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