krb5-1.7-alpha1 is available

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Sat Jan 31 23:27:53 EST 2009

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MIT krb5-1.7-alpha1 is now available for download from

The main MIT Kerberos web page is

Please send comments to the krbdev list.

Major changes in 1.7
- --------------------

* Remove support for version 4 of the Kerberos protocol (krb4).

* New libdefaults configuration variable "allow_weak_crypto".  NOTE:
  Currently defaults to "false", but may default to "true" in a future
  release.  Setting this variable to "false" will have the effect of
  removing weak enctypes (currently defined to be all single-DES
  enctypes) from permitted_enctypes, default_tkt_enctypes, and

* Client library now follows client principal referrals, for
  compatibility with Windows.

* KDC can issue realm referrals for service principals based on domain

* Encryption algorithm negotiation (RFC 4537).

* In the replay cache, use a hash over the complete ciphertext to
  avoid false-positive replay indications.

* Microsoft GSS_WrapEX, implemented using the gss_iov API, which is
  similar to the equivalent SSPI functionality.

* DCE RPC, including three-leg GSS context setup and unencapsulated
  GSS tokens.

* NTLM recognition support in GSS-API, to facilitate dropping in an
  NTLM implementation.

* KDC support for principal aliases, if the back end supports them.

* Microsoft set/change password (RFC 3244) protocol in kadmind.

* Master key rollover support.

For a more complete list of changes, please consult
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