Coding standards and output parameters

ghudson@MIT.EDU ghudson at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 27 14:31:03 EST 2009

First and foremost, there's been some work on the coding standards in
our wiki recently, which people may want to check out:

Most of it is based on the in-tree coding standards, but some of it is
new.  We realize that much of our code base doesn't conform to many of
these standards, and I hope to clean a lot of that up between 1.7 and

More specifically, I recently added an item about output parameter

This is based partly on experiences with Coverity, and partly on a
general feeling I've received from the community that output parameter
values should be well-defined even in error cases.  Here's your chance
to discuss that requirement.  In general, new requirements should
probably be discussed here before they are written up in the wiki, but
I did it backwards in this case.

For the curious, the string handling stuff we discussed back in
October resulted in this writeup:

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