svn rev #23484: trunk/src/lib/krb5/ krb/ os/

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 23 22:26:56 EST 2009

tsitkova at MIT.EDU writes:

> Commit By: tsitkova
> Log Message:
> Code modularity related updates.

Moving krb5_get_profile() from init_os_ctx.c to init_ctx.c broke "make
check" (building the t_etypes test program) on Darwin because
krb5_get_profile calls the internal function profile_copy(), which is
not in the export list.  I can make it work by dragging in three
object files from util/profile, among other things, but I think the
best thing to do for now is to move krb5_get_profile() back to

(The moved function also gets a "missing prototype" warning because a
necessary internal profile library header is not included.)

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