Compiliing Krb5-1.7 on Vista

Shirish Rai srai at
Tue Dec 1 19:43:01 EST 2009

Hi, Does Kerberos 1.7 compile on vista?

I followed the steps in the windows/README.
nmake -f prep-windows

I have run into several problems. It seems there was not statement to generate 
the Makefile in lib/gssapi/spnego/Makefile. It went further once I removed 
that from the WINMAKEFILES dependency but got stuck in ccapi_context.c, 
complaining that it could not find ccapi_err.h. I did not find anything in the 
Makefile that generates this file although several *_err.h files are 

Am I just following the wrong instructions?

Thanks for any help.


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