Integrating our gss-ntlm so with krb5-1.7

Luke Howard lukeh at
Fri Aug 28 19:56:56 EDT 2009

> Likewise has just moved to krb5-1.7.  Part of Likewise's offering
> includes an ntlm gss library. Basically we have a shared object  
> library
> which has  functions like ntlm_gss_initialize_sec_ctxt,
> ntlm_gss_accept_sec_ctx, and so on...

The configuration file needs to point to the actual shared object  
name. In DSfW and Solaris, it's typically named (to  
distinguish it from a library that can be linked against). But is fine too.

You'll need to rename your symbols to gss_init_sec_context,  
gss_accept_sec_context, etc.

-- Luke

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