Integrating our gss-ntlm so with krb5-1.7

Krishna Ganugapati krishnag at
Fri Aug 28 16:28:22 EDT 2009

Hello all,


Sorry if this is the wrong alias...


Likewise has just moved to krb5-1.7.  Part of Likewise's offering
includes an ntlm gss library. Basically we have a shared object library which has  functions like ntlm_gss_initialize_sec_ctxt,
ntlm_gss_accept_sec_ctx, and so on...


My understanding is that krb5-1.7 can dynamically load shared object
libraries in its spnego implementation, thereby allow implementations of
ntlm. Question is how do we make our ntlm library available to the
spnego router. Is there a configuration file that we need to add our .so





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