Services4User review

Luke Howard lukeh at
Mon Aug 24 17:14:00 EDT 2009

> * Do not make lines overflowing 79 columns if possible.  Examples:

Yeah, that's a bad habit of mine. I need to get a VT100.

> * Do not put parens around return expressions:
>  - g_acquire_cred_imp_cred.c
>  - g_acquire_cred_imp_name.c
>  (These may be the result of copying existing code.)

Right, I agree in principle, but I wanted to make it compatible with  
the existing Sun convention.

>  - kdc_process_s4u2self_rep is a bad name.  "kdc_process_*" was
> previously used only for examining request data, and is a bad name
> prefix even then.  In this case you are composing reply data.  Also,

Right, I attempted to keep it consistent with _req but, that makes  
sense. Do you want to fix these things or shall I?

> * Do not check for nullity before calling free or krb5_free functions.
> (I don't think this is in the coding practices document but is what
> we're moving towards.)  Examples:

Right, I was curious about that; my habit is not to check for nullity,  
but I generally followed the existing practice which does.

> * Unrelated #if 0s added to ksetpwd.c.

 From memory, that's a security issue, printing the password to the  
standard output... but yes, unrelated.

Thanks for the comments. I may not have hours to address these until  
next week.

-- Luke

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