Services4User review

Luke Howard lukeh at
Fri Aug 21 07:36:22 EDT 2009

On 20/08/2009, at 11:51 PM, Nicolas Williams wrote:

> Following up from our IM chat, the GSS exts should be really be  
> based on
> the existing gss_acquire/add_cred() functions, and in two variants:  
> one
> for S4U2Self, with an additional impersonator_cred_handle input
> argument, and one for S4U2Proxy, with that same additional argument  
> and
> a subject_cred_handle instead of desired_name.

OK, I've updated:

and have committed an implementation to the s4u branch.

This is a bit more work for the application developer, but  
architecturally it seems better.


-- Luke

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