Not able to find to kadmin, kdb5_util

Manoj Mohan manojm at
Mon Aug 17 16:42:15 EDT 2009


Do I need to install something special on HP-UX. I can see that patches
look good..

[rp5470e6:/opt/krb5core] uname -a
HP-UX rp5470e6 B.11.11 U 9000/800 1194494646 unlimited-user license

#swlist -lproduct | grep -i gss
  GSS-API               B.11.11        GSS-API Version 1.0
  PHSS_29487            1.0            GSS-API Version 1.0 Cumulative patch

[rp5470e6:/opt/krb5core] ls
bin/      contrib/  include/  lib/      sbin/     share/.
[rp5470e6:/opt/krb5core] ls bin
kdestroy*  kinit*     klist*     kpasswd*   kvno*
[rp5470e6:/opt/krb5core] ls sbin

I don't see the admin directory in /opt/krb5core which we usually see the
kdmain/kdamin.local and/or kdb5_util.


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