telnet & ftp official status

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Sep 30 17:10:45 EDT 2008

Tom Yu <tlyu at> writes:

> We need volunteers to maintain the applications if we are to remove them
> from the main distribution.  Russ Allbery has expressed a willingness to
> do so in the past.  Russ, are you still willing to do this?  Is anyone
> else willing to help out?

I'm still willing to help maintain Kerberos rlogin, rsh, and rcp.  I think
they're simpler and easier to maintain than ssh, and they're also
less-well-known and therefore not as much of an attack target.  It may be
that I'll slowly change my mind and eventually switch entirely to using
ssh, particularly given the firewall issues with the rsh protocol, but I
still find them convenient.

However, I have very limited amounts of time to look after them (for
example, I've not managed to do more than read through the patches for PAM
support).  So while I'm willing to help, I'm not sure how much time I'll
realistically have and how much work I'll be able to put into them.

I have no personal interest in Kerberos telnet or ftp.  We never used
Kerberos ftp at Stanford and haven't used Kerberos telnet in years.  I'm
happy to help generally support a build infrastructure including those,
but won't have any time to make code changes in those applications in

I'm separately strongly interested in making sure ksu continues to be
available and works, although I know it's not part of the apps tree and is
something of a separate issue.

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