[kerberos-discuss] thoughts/issues making MIT krb code fit for drop-in to Solaris

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at sun.com
Fri Sep 19 11:37:09 EDT 2008

On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 05:30:21PM +0200, Love Hörnquist Åstrand wrote:
> >For me the krb5_sname_to_principal() issues are extremely annoying,
> >and I'd be tempted to request that they be given higher priority,
> >except that it's been so broken for so long that a few years more
> >might not hurt.  OK, I'm kidding about "years."
> It must be fixed now, not later.

That's my preference as well.  My joke about "years" was really just
moaning about how long it's been broken.

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