pkinit kinit/krb5.conf naming inconsistencies

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Mon Sep 15 16:28:05 EDT 2008

On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 03:54:06PM -0400, Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:
> >That makes sense, but perhaps the right answer would be to provide
> >Heimdal-compatible aliases for use in krb5.conf while having the same
> >canonical parameter names for both, krb5.conf and kinit -x.
> Ugh ugh ugh.
> If you have two parameters that do the same thing, and both are given, 
> which one is used?  Isn't it bad for the answer to be "it depends on which 
> implementation you happen to be using", on a system where both exist?

I really don't care for Heimdal-compatible configuration parameters.

But I don't mind them.

What I object to is an inconsistent UI (when you consider sysadmins and
users both).  And I agree with your observation, aliases would be bad.

So pick one: x509_* or pkinit_*.

Alternatively: have aliases only for kinit -x param names.

I'm assuming that Heimdal's kinit doesn't have this -x thing, that in
Heimdal if you want to override the system's krb5.conf you should use
the KRB5_CONFIG environment variable.

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