-f option with kinit

Xu, Qiang (FXSGSC) Qiang.Xu at fujixerox.com
Fri Oct 3 02:04:35 EDT 2008

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> A stack trace from the core dump may help indicate what's wrong.

Just as you said, the stack trace reveals some useful information, and I have fixed that to avoid the crash. :-)

My next question is, the authenticaion with "-f" option (forwardable) seems successful. But how can I determine that there is a forwarding ticket or not?

The network trace captured in the process only shows the request is "Forwardable", the return packet is of type "KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_SKEW". In the code for kinit, Xerox Modification just ignores this skew error, and takes it for success. Apart from this, there is no more packet from the server.

In my case, I want to know whether there is a forwarding ticket, and further, I want to obtain that ticket. Does that mean I must overcome this skew error first?

Xu Qiang

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