flags for allowing tix

Roland Dowdeswell elric at imrryr.org
Wed May 21 01:00:29 EDT 2008

I've noticed that in the MIT kdc there are a number of flags for
enabling and disabling the issuance of tickets in various circumstances.
My thoughts on the topic began when I decided that I'd like a flag
on a principal to disable AS_REQs _from_ that princ.  This would
make sense if you know that a principal will solely be used as a
service and would never AS_REQ.

I had a quick look at the flags defined for these requests supported
by the MIT kdc and it seems that their definitions are not terribly
orthogonal which strikes me as being a tad inelegant.  For example,
-allow_tix will disable tickets to and from a principal.  -allow_svr
will disallow TGS_REQs or AS_REQs to a principal.  -allow_tgs_req
disallows TGS_REQs to a principal.

-allow_tgs_req is contained in -allow_svr which is contained in

		AS_REQ	from	for	TGS_REQ	from	for
allow_tix		x	x			x
allow_tgs_req						x
allow_svr			x			x

Or something close to it is the current state.

Maybe it would make sense to come up with a more expressive syntax
which allows any possible combination and regards the existing
flags as synonyms for groups of flags?

Or perhaps just add -allow_as_req_from which would turn off AS_REQs
from the principal in question?

    Roland Dowdeswell                      http://www.Imrryr.ORG/~elric/

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