Multiple Realm Question...

David E. Cross david at
Thu May 15 11:52:40 EDT 2008

.. Not entirely sure this is appropriate for krbdev... but it seems to 
relate directly to the MIT codebase, and I haven't found any answers in 
FAQs, etc..

I am looking to setup multiple realms on a single KDC, specifically the 
"right" way to do this.
It _seems_ that the architecture is in place to do all of it with a 
single database, all of the principals within the "principal" file have 
their REALMs as part of the key, the per-realm secret is setup by 
default to be .k5.REALM.. so it seems it can all share a single 
database.  However when I try to kdb5_util -r SECOND.REALM -s  it dies 
on an error that the principal database already exists.

Must I have multiple principal files?  If so, why, it seems like a fair 
bit of thought was put in place to allow sharing.   If its just a limit 
on creation (it seems to be), can I (should I) kdb5_util dump/load/merge 
my way around it?

Thank you.

David E. Cross

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