what is this list for?

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Tue May 13 14:53:09 EDT 2008

I notice that some people may be asking application development
questions here due to the policy described in our web page:


    The Kerberos developers' mailing list. If you are a vendor
    shipping MIT Kerberos code, or shipping applications using MIT
    Kerberos, you should subscribe here. Mail about krb5-current often
    ends up going here.

Do we want to restrict this list exclusively to topics related to
development of the MIT Kerberos implementation?  Or do we want to also
allow application development topics on this list?  My recollection is
that historically, we have allowed application development topics on
this list.

In any case, we should document the list policy consistently.

Tom Yu
Development Manager
MIT Kerberos Consortium

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