Kerberos 5 Implementation for Windows Mobile

Vivek V. Shende vivek_shende at
Wed Mar 12 00:42:37 EDT 2008

Hi Guys,


I need to add Kerberos authentication support to my Windows Mobile
application (which runs on WM5 and WM6).


Initially, I assumed Windows Mobile will have the support for Kerberos by
default (just like it has for NTLM) as part of its SSPI architecture. 

But unfortunately Windows Mobile does not support Kerberos SSP by default.
It supports only NTLM SSP.


Therefore I am exploring 

-          any other Kerberos implementation/library for Windows Mobile that
can either be plugged in to SSPI framework as a custom SSP OR

-          GSSAPI based Kerberos implementation for Windows Mobile


If none of the above is available (either commercially or in open source),
how big would be the effort in porting the MIT implementation of Kerberos 5
distribution (or any other implementation you may suggest) to Windows Mobile


Thanks for all your help in advance.




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