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> Hello
> I want to use the module "auth_mod_kerb" for the web authentication .
> Currently i m trying on RedHat enterprise linix 5.0
> I have Openssl 0.9.8 g installed on it
> But when i m trying to install "apachae with ssl " ,i m getting some  
> error.
> Without ssl apache is getting installed properly
> Is it necessary to have "apache with ssl  "   for working with
> "auth_mod_kerb" ??
> If yes ,how can i proceed for the same
> I will highly appreciate if someone can help me on this issue.
> Thanks
> Regards

Not in the sense of just making the software work.  It's a very good  
idea though.

I'd say get ssl working first in a build with mod_so (dynamically  
loadable modules).  Then add mod_auth_kerb afterwards.

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