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> Hello
> I was going through IAKERB  and have some doubts
> I will be highly thankful if anyone can clear my doubts.
> 1) Can someone please explain me the scenerio for using IAKERB.?

Take a look at section 1 of draft-ietf-krb-wg-iakerb-00.txt, available from
<>.  Note that the older 
draft-ietf-cat-iakerb document has not been touched in several years, and 
is superceded by the krb-wg document.

> 2) I have to go fopr GSSAPI for IAKERB implementation??

Yes, IAKERB is a GSS-API mechanism.

> 3) Is there any sample code available for the same?

Probably not; the new IAKERB document is still in the first stages of 
development.  If anyone knows of an implementation of this, please speak up.

If you have comments on IAKERB, please address them to the IETF Kerberos 
working group mailing list, ietf-krb-wg at (this is an open list; 
subscribe at <>).

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