kul gupta kulg123 at
Wed Jun 18 00:23:56 EDT 2008


Thanks a lot for ur valuable guidance

I am using-RedHatEnterprise Linux 5.0 and using Netbeans IDE to build the
code and compiler is gcc ( for the code given in the SUN example)

1)There is AS server which is kerborized.I did the settings for the
kerborized client also.

2)After obtaining the TGT (using kinit command from the client side),how
should i proceed using the example given in SUN

3)I think mechanism used in GSSAPI by default is kerberos V5. So i need not
specify it explicitly.??
Am i right.

Can u please help me out in brief the steps i need to do for the same..
Please let me know to proceed.

I will highly appreciate if someone can guide me on the same

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