kul gupta kulg123 at
Sun Jun 15 11:48:41 EDT 2008

I am very new to kerborose and GSSAPI
I will highly appreciate for the guidance for the issues below-
I am bit confused about cyrus SASL and GSSAPI

I have an authentication server (AS) which is kerborised
Client gets the TGT using -kinit
Now i need to use GSSAPI for authentication using GSSAPI

1) DO i need to have cyrus SASL also ?? or only kerborose will do??

2) When i tried to run the example provided by SUN , i am getting following
gssapi_ext.h- No such file directory
gssapi-misc.h-No such file directory

I also tried to search these files in my system(Red hat enterprise linux
5.0),but these files are not present.

I will be highly thankful if u can help me out for the same .


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