need codereview for krb consortium masterkey keytab stash project

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 14 16:39:24 EDT 2008

Mostly small stuff...

The DAL API is changed, but I think that's still an internal-only  
interface so not doing version checks is okay.

KADM5_CONFIG_KVNO will need to be reassigned when merging; the iprop  
merge used up that number.  That'll be trivial.

It may be my viewer, but some of the indentation in dump.c doesn't  
seem to match MIT's code style (indenting function arguments on  
continuation lines to line up with the first argument).

Function definitions shouldn't have spaces between the parens and the  

kdb_default.c: On my Solaris system, mktemp(3C) is documented as  
wanting a string with six trailing Xs; your template string has five.   
(The Mac version says it'll take any number, but I've seen six  
mentioned elsewhere.)

The new keytab code should be exercised by the test suite; do you have  
a test to verify that an old-format stash file will still work?


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